A question of style – Dawn

When I see someone wearing something fabulous I can’t resist asking about their outfit. Even complete strangers will be subjected to a barrage of questions about where it’s from, when they bought it and with the right person – how much!

So I decided to go public with my questions and invited Dawn Gibson, whose style I envy and love in equal measure, to spill the beans to Style Stuff.

Dawn – Timeless style


Signature style Classic and timeless with a nod to current trends which I add to my wardrobe each season.

In store or online On line for convenience and speed. But a day out at the shops is such a treat if I’m browsing for fun

Favourite store or website I love John Lewis. You can’t beat the range and quality of the brands they offer. Massimo Dutti is well worth a look on line too. Fab quality, reasonably priced and no store in the North East yet. I keep hoping!

Favourite brands I always see something I love at the Ralph Lauren outlet in York. I’ve picked up some real bargains there over the years.  For work outfits Next is my go to. And for casual, everyday wear Uniqlo has all the bases covered.

Rocking a navy Uniqlo vest

Investment buys Accessories definitely. I treated myself to a Louis Vuitton Alma about 16 years ago and I’m still using it.  All the more beautiful since a recent trip to The Handbag Clinic has restored it to it’s former glory. An outright winner in the cost per wear stakes and worth every penny I paid for it

Louis Vuitton Alma – stands the test of time


Favourite look – casual, smart or out out glam Hmm.  I do slightly less full on glam nights out  these days so I’d have to say smart.  Then my next big decision is whether to dress it up or  dial it down.

Heels or flats At 5ft 3 and, a vitally important, ¾ I need the lift of heels. But winter and weekends sees me choosing from numerous pairs of flat boots so I can still race around.

Fast fashion or made to last  Most definitely made to last. I can’t bear to throw things away.

Your three must have wardrobe items  Easy one. White cotton shirts, suit trousers from Next and dark blue jeans

A favourite white shirt – bought in Verona

And your  current dream purchase I’ve seen these amazing Gucci sandals, which I know I would wear till they fell off my feet. They are ridiculously expensive so will remain a dream – for now!

Dream wish list

Dawn – I’m with you all the way on the Louis Vuitton bag and those sandals are to die for!

If you played along and found yourself answering these questions let me know. You could appear on Style Stuff very soon!

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