A Question of Style – Debbie Shearer

When I saw an instagram post from Debbie Shearer with six pairs of sunglasses on it I knew I had to invite her to take part in A Question of Style. Debbie is a huge supporter of CFM’s Cash for Kids and whether she’s in full Superhero costume or enjoying a rainy day at the races she always does it in style.


Signature style? I’m not sure I have one….although I am usually found in skinny jeans, a top and boots for everyday. Then I like to add sparkle and heels for an evening out.


In store or online? Browse on line, but buy in store.  I enjoy trying on before I purchase. I can also be quite impulsive too and prefer not to wait for the postman!

Favourite store?  Dorothy Perkins for every day wear. Their sizing works for me and I find their clothes so easy to wear.

Favourite brands? Some of my best loved tops are from Joules. And when it comes to jewellery it has to be Swarovski.  It’s the ultimate in sparkle and I love anything that comes in a little blue box.  My husband, Peter,  started me off with these a few years ago. And I’m pleased to say he regularly adds to my collection.


Swarovski clutch – an anniversary gift from my wonderful husband


What are your investment buys? Accessories.  You can dress up any outfit up with shoes, sparkle and a great bag. And the beauty of accessories is that it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, your shoes, bags and jewellery will always fit! They give an outfit such a lift too. I also love a hat and, as you’ve noticed Style Stuff, a fab pair of sunglasses.


No such thing as too many sunglasses!

 Casual, smart or out and out glam? Day to day I’m pretty casual, but I glam up with the best of them when I get the chance!



Heels or flats? If I have to be practical it’s flats, but on any other occasion it’s heels all the way!  I wear heels to work every day and always dress up my skinnies with them when I’m going out. And when I find shoes I love I buy 2 pairs in different colours

Same shoes – different colours. How clever!


Fast fashion or made to last? For bags and boots it’s made to last, but for most things fast fashion.  I get bored easily, so would rather buy a few things and donate to charity when I’m done.


The three items in your wardrobe you can’t live without? Skinny jeans, black heels and knee length boots.  They are a great starting point to either dress up or down.


And your dream purchase – money no object? Victoria Beckham knee high boots. But at £1250 they might have to wait!


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