A Question of Style – Kim Gallagher

I love my friend Kim even though she puzzles me sometimes. Like turning up to the Trinny London launch at Fenwicks in a jumper. What’s that all about? Anyway I’m almost over it so in an effort to move on from that particular incident I invited her to take part in A Question of Style …


Signature style? Signature style? Have you even met me Style Stuff?  Is ‘practical’ a style? Although occasionally I steal someone else’s! I have a Parisian friend and 30 years ago when I met her I was very taken by her crisp striped shirts, indigo jeans and cute scarves. Mostly though, I have ‘rules’ rather than style. No sequins, glitter or embellishment. No large print, no animal print and black only when desperate or depressed. And if in doubt a nautical stripe is almost always the answer.

Kim’s signature style

In store or online? Online and mostly second hand. I usually have a specific idea what I want … and it’s usually not in fashion right now. I like good fabrics so when I’m browsing I search ‘cashmere’ or ‘pure silk’ and just see what comes up.

Favourite store or website? eBay, oxfam

Favourite brands?  Don’t care about brands and refuse to wear anything with a big logo across it – far too TKMaxx!

Investment buys?  Lovely handbags – but my husband chooses and buys them for me. Second hand cashmere coats and a beautiful, handmade 1930s day dress and coat.

Favourite look – casual, smart or out and out glam? Thin!

Heels or flats? Heels, the higher the better, but unfortunately having artificial legs means I can only wear 2 to 2.5 inches 😢. I spend, literally, hours trying to find shoes I like and can wear. And if I find the perfect pair, I’ll  blow the budget. I have a thing about natural tan leather shoes, sandals, belts, handbags and luggage.  And I love a pair of Superga too.


Fast fashion or made to last? Well made classics and good fabrics.

The three items in your wardrobe you can’t live without? Indigo jeans, white shirt, Superga.

And your dream purchase – money no object? More legs! For higher heels and for running. That would automatically give me more choice. Or my own tailor to create made to measure would be nice.


Patrick Grant – Kim’s dream tailor


  1. stylestuff
    May 4, 2019 / 9:52 am

    Great to hear from you Yvette! My sister and I are really close but have massively different views on clothes and shopping too! You’d be a perfect candidate for A Question of Style – I’ll message you x

  2. Yvette Arnold
    May 4, 2019 / 9:39 am

    I’ve laughed reading this – mostly because I’m Kims sister and all her definite no rules are my exact dream items 😂😂😂 She will tell you I have a Wardrobe jam packed full of sequins, glitter, embellishment , and animal print! How we get up in the same family I’ll never know! Love her to bits though 💞

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