All that glitters

During my 90 day no shopping challenge, earlier this year, I became fixated on a pair of shoes. These shoes. These very expensive, Gucci shoes.

Gucci Marmont loafer

I checked them out obsessively online and from every possible angle. The more I looked the more I loved them. They took on mythical leg lengthening, cool girl, qualities.  They had to at that price! And when the challenge was over I dusted off my credit card and dashed into town for the big purchase. Only to find that beautiful as they are, the leg lengthening, cool girl bit just wasn’t happening. But something faintly reminiscent of the Queen Mother was.

And then of course I remembered that I have a bit of history with loafers. Five years ago life wasn’t going to be complete without this silver pair. And I’ve worn them – ooh – three times max.


So the search began in earnest for this year’s, perfect, shoes. The wish list went something like this … Heels – but not too high. Summery – but not too bare. Must look great with jeans and skirts. In a colour that goes with everything. And on it went. Until, one rainy Bank Holiday, I spotted these beauties in Russell & Bromley.

Mid heel. Summer ready. Great colours. Tick


With half a dozen colours to choose from it was a tough call. And whilst I was angling toward the, go with everything, nude patent, my sister was lobbying for gold. And she was right.

Picture perfect. Great with jeans. Even better with skirts. And not a hint of the Queen Mother! Result.












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