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I left the building

As StyleStuff’s 90 day no spend challenge drew to a close, my own challenge grew taller and faster than a dandelion in spring. I was going to London. I was going to need something to…

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  Christmas fizzled. New Year woke me up at midnight. And Madame StyleStuff started her 3 month no clothes shopping project. Me? Well, I suddenly decided, on December 18th, to clear one thousand items from…

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Jingle Belles

If we are to believe the media, Christmas is a time for vast quantities of food, happily consumed by a family full of beaming children and apple cheeked grandmas, in the twinkle of a thousand…

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression

When you are walking up a hill, you have the impression that it points upwards. But when you are at the top, the feeling is of it all going downwards. This, my countryside lovers, is…

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Whilst the cat’s away….

In my case, the mouse will turn up with her own cat and rummage, thoroughly, through your kitchen cupboards. But this isn’t a post about another thing I’m not interested in: cooking. It’s a post…

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