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The Beauty Besties Know Best

My “need” for new clothes has plummeted this year. Honestly, I’m down to just one browse per week on Zara’s site when the what’s new email arrives. But when it comes to skincare life is…

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Livin’ la vida lycra

I knew I’d lost my style mojo when I posted a pic on Insta of my WFH favourite – a three year old, faded, Love sweatshirt with slightly grubby cuffs! I soon tired of articles…

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Fashion Conscience

My love of shopping is well documented but I’m increasingly conflicted around the buzz of a purchase versus my contribution to issues of waste and sustainability in the fashion world. So when I saw the…

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Buy less, choose well, make it last

Buy less, choose well, make it last. It’s my new mantra courtesy of Vivienne Westwood. It means saying goodbye to the very expensive habit of buying clothes to have them rather than to wear them.…

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Coats, Classics and Cashmere

A growing collection of carrier bags from my favourite stores reminded me that I’ve been shopping but not blogging so here goes …Sale shopping is a focused activity in my book, only to be undertaken…

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