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Second hand not second best

Oxfam’s Second Hand September campaign prompted me to catch up with Cath Goodwin who told me earlier this year that she was only buying second hand clothes in 2019. Seriously ahead of the curve on…

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When in Rome

This is a style blog not a travel blog. So you won’t be expecting beautiful shots of the cultural and historic sites Rome is known for will you. Good, because there aren’t any. On my…

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Style doesn’t come with a manual – it comes with a Mother

In my 20s me and my Mum would no sooner have gone on a night out together, swapped clothes or shared incriminating photos of what I was up to, than fly to the moon. Don’t…

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The right stuff

If there’s a gap in my wardrobe (and I accept that’s a big “if”) it’s for hot weather outfits. I’m not good in the heat so tend to avoid it. But every so often, along…

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Dizzy Social Whirl – part 2

As if three events in two days wasn’t enough ( dizzy social whirl continued with a few nights in London and a trip to Wimbledon. First up – dinner at The Ivy Brasserie in Kensington. …

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