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A Question of Style – Kim Gallagher

I love my friend Kim even though she puzzles me sometimes. Like turning up to the Trinny London launch at Fenwicks in a jumper. What’s that all about? Anyway I’m almost over it so in…

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What? No shopping! The final word.

So my 90 day challenge is over. 90 days of no shopping for clothes or accessories. Done. Big tick off the list. There were some tricky moments. Like when my pal Geraldine sent me a…

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She who skis wins

If you managed to master parallel turns during your first ski trip – and you weren’t a child – hats off to you. I didn’t. Indeed it took me three weeks in the beginners’ class…

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A question of style – Dawn

When I see someone wearing something fabulous I can’t resist asking about their outfit. Even complete strangers will be subjected to a barrage of questions about where it’s from, when they bought it and with…

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What? No shopping? The final countdown

As February dawned I could feel boredom setting in on the whole 90 day no shopping thing. I’d stopped feeling virtuous and started feeling, meh. So I set about making it more interesting. I need…

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