Buy less, choose well, make it last

Buy less, choose well, make it last. It’s my new mantra courtesy of Vivienne Westwood.

It means saying goodbye to the very expensive habit of buying clothes to have them rather than to wear them. My love of shopping is not likely to disappear any time soon but I’ve come to the conclusion that’s OK as long as I wear what I buy. So if an impulse purchase looks like a mistake in my own mirror – I’m returning it straight away.  Not, and I repeat not, leaving it hanging, BNWT, to be sold on eBay for a fraction of the price months later.

Looking back on my sale buys over the last month or so I’m pleased to see most of them pass the buy less, choose well test. Better still, nothing is hanging unworn.

Couldn’t wait to wear this All Saints coat. It fits like a dream and I adore the collar.

But my new mantra hasn’t stopped a few thrill of the moment, “this would be perfect if …” type purchases creeping in here and there. Take this red sequinned jacket. Yes I know it was a bargain and would be perfect if I was looking for such a thing to glitz up my wardrobe but I’m not. It would probably pass the make it last test but only because I’d never wear it. So back it went to Zara.

Putting on the glitz?

And as for these pleather leggings …  By any stretch of the imagination there is nothing in my life they would be perfect for but it didn’t stop me trying them on. Fortunately, on this occasion, sanity prevailed and they never reached the till.


I’m having a bit of a moment with All Saints and found myself browsing their new stock. This dress and sweater combo would be perfect if I was four inches taller. As it was the asymmetric hem grazed the floor and was in serious danger of tripping me up. Didn’t stop me enjoying the thrill of the purchase though until I got it home and realised that without my hand on hip insta pose the pleats made me look as wide as I’m high. Passing the choose well test? Definitely not.


When I returned it a few days later, complete with rambling apology, the assistant asked if I couldn’t learn to love it and it took all my will power to hold firm. I like to think Vivienne Westwood would be proud of me.





  1. Cath
    February 16, 2020 / 10:12 am

    Step in the right direction Sue 🙏🏽
    Update on my year, I succeeded in my mission not to buy any new clothes and have decided to carry on!

    • stylestuff
      February 16, 2020 / 11:05 am

      Amazing Cath. I’m overdue a clear out so will keep you in mind!

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