Coats, Classics and Cashmere

A growing collection of carrier bags from my favourite stores reminded me that I’ve been shopping but not blogging so here goes …Sale shopping is a focused activity in my book, only to be undertaken when the crowds have died down a little and the discounts are deepening. Told myself to forget the £10 tat. Go for coats, cashmere and things you know you’ll wear.

An email from Russell & Bromley pre Christmas got my sale shopping off to an early start with these half price leopard print loafers. They’ve got #30wears potential and are exactly what I’ll be looking for come the spring.

The leather jackets at All Saints get better with age and are worth every penny. But at £345 I felt this oversized, check coat was overpriced. It caught my eye on the 50% sale rail though and when the sales assistant swooped in with “there’s an additional 20% off today” I snapped it up. £138 – that’s more like it!

All Saints coat – worn within days of purchase

And amongst the jumble that is the Zara sale I spotted this dress. As good as anything I’ve seen by Rixo for a fraction of the price.

The one that almost got away

With queues a mile long at the tills I decided to leave it and order online. Big mistake. Out of stock in every size online. Same story two days later in Zara Edinburgh. Scoured every rail and nowhere to be seen. Gave myself a talking to along the lines of you don’t need it, you have lots of dresses, there are plenty more dresses in the sea and put it down to experience. That’s until I returned a “just in case I need it for a Christmas party” clutch bag to the MetroCentre and there it was. Phew – how’s that for kismet, serendipity or just plain luck!

Jules B have a great website but I’m lucky enough to live within walking, even in heels, distance of their Jesmond store. So it’s no surprise that I’ve made a couple of purchases there. These Sorel boots are replacing a 15 year old pair of boots that have seen an apres ski gluhwein too many. I love them so much I’m now praying for snow in Newcastle!


Cashmere sweaters are right up there on my wish list for the sales and this one had been on my radar for months.

Absolut Cashmere at Jules B


Coats, classics and cashmere. Followed my own advice for once and it worked!




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