Come rain or shine

Lulled into a false sense of security by the hottest Easter in history, I’d relegated the winter coats and faux fur to “last winter”, when October returned with gale force winds and heavy rain.

Anything floaty or full on summer bright wasn’t going to cut it even with the extra daylight but I couldn’t face going back to my black dresses on rotation routine.

Shopping my wardrobe revealed the answer. Pink. Not bright pink but nudes. My wardrobe is a rainbow of colour but my staples are neutral. There’s a pink for every skin tone and I feel I look my best in soft silver or khaki pinks.

First up a three year old Topshop number. It gives a lift to all of those black dresses and works well with a little bling.

I found myself liking this look and in a very optimistic moment, considering the weather, snapped up these shoes (also Topshop) for a matchy matchy vibe.

I particularly love the silver slingback but they are desperately uncomfortable and after only two wears are already on eBay. Evidently years of Russell & Bromley have ruined my feet for cute shoe impulse buying.

My friend, Michelle, persuaded me that I couldn’t leave the store without the pleated number and who am I to say no! And if you can go shopping, wearing pink and come home without something else pink, then you are considerably stronger than me.

I wasn’t convinced about this Mint Velvet top when I bought it a few years ago. It’s not one of my brands but I have a long history of slightly metallic, slouchy tops and so it had stayed in my wardrobe. My Marie Kondo joy on seeing it this year has brought it out from the depths and into the weekend wardrobe of white jeans and patent Birkenstocks.


So having finally sorted out my trans seasonal wardrobe dilemma the sun came out. And I was ready and waiting with my Hush sweater (still in stock if you’re brave enough) and more white jeans. Nailed it.


Sunshine in a sweater






    • stylestuff
      May 27, 2019 / 5:30 pm

      Great to hear from you Gemma – I noticed they still had the darker one in stock at the MetroCentre a few days ago. x

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