Dancing Queens

The Christmas Party. Love it or hate it – it’s the big one.

Gone are the days when 50 something women sipped a bitter lemon in their best skirt and blouse to the Christmas “do” while the young ones hit the dance floor.

I compared notes on pre-party prep with my work mate Brenda, who’s no slouch on the organisation front, and Sara, who you might remember from an early post on Style Stuff  http://stylestuff.co.uk/style-story-sara/

Brenda was particularly vocal on the subject of choosing a party outfit.

You know I hate shopping for clothes Sue. When I do venture into this unfamiliar territory it has to be on my own and wearing flatties. The pressure of having to find an outfit over the Christmas period as well as running around like a headless chicken to find 27 presents for family and friends sends my stress levels through the roof! If I won the lottery, I’d invest in a personal shopper.

Online shopping might be where it’s at but it gets mixed reviews from Brenda and Sara. If it’s not too long, it’s too short. The fabric is weird, the colour’s wrong, it bunches where you don’t. And the pain of returning things – let’s not even go there. The Style Council favour hitting the shops, trying things on and like to see if that fabric really will last the night. Sara ordered two dresses back in October to get ahead of the game  but they didn’t live up to the promise. Her conclusion. Life is just too short for Post Office queues.

Brenda’s laser like focus led her to this black wrap dress. Only £8 in the New Look sale. She so loves a bargain she was tempted to wear it with the tag hanging out!  And this silver bag – her essential party accessory – adds just the right amount of bling.

Having spent every available moment of the last few weeks in the Mission Christmas warehouse Sara ditched the idea of a new outfit and turned to a dress her son Zach picked out for her. She’d prefer it in bright pink, or purple, but it does have a silver trim and is the perfect foil for her favourite sparkly shoes.


It won’t surprise you to know that Style Stuff enjoys the search for a new outfit. Sometimes more than the party itself. Tempted by sequins, this OTT Zara combo and heavenly Rixo dress were both on my radar.

It quickly became clear that the Zara outfit wasn’t a serious option. The trousers were way too long for a start. But I loved the idea of it. The Rixo  dress called my name – loudly.  But after a furtive look at the price tag I took my own advice and shopped my wardrobe. And by wardrobe I mean I discovered a long forgotten dress in a bag under the spare bed. Last worn 20 years ago to a party in Liverpool – it’s verging on vintage.

And to get in the party spirit/mood?  It’s music and candles for Sara and a glass or two of wine for Brenda – no surprises there then! Not that there was much time for any of those things after a crazy day at work tying up loose ends that refused to stay tied and ticking things off the ever growing lists.

When it comes to beautification a spray tan is top of the list with red lipstick a close second. And you can’t go wrong with half a can of Elnette when your inner Dancing Queen wants out!





With love to you all from our sparkly shoes!












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