Dizzy social whirl

What’s the first thing you think of when you’re invited to an event? Champagne? Food? Friends? Travel arrangements?  Me, I go straight to the big one – What am I going to wear?

So when my social calendar filled up with three events in two days the what am I going to wear question loomed large.Three events in two days – that’s a dizzy social whirl in my book.

The temptation, of course, was to dash out and buy something new. Surely a day at the Bell & Plate at Carlisle Racecourse meant a new dress, shoes I could walk in and maybe even a hat. The hat idea was dismissed pretty quickly. I don’t do flat hair. Heels I can walk in? Where’s the fun in that. That just left the dress. The shops are full of them – but then so is my wardrobe. Cast your mind back to the early days of Style Stuff and you might recall a certain trip to Selfridges and my hunt for a dress.

Changing room rail at Selfridges

I bought the beautiful green one but have worn it just once – a poor performer by any standard but definitely in the “cost per wear” stakes. On that basis alone the choice was made. As for the heels I can walk in – that was never going to happen.

The very next day I faced another sartorial challenge. What to wear for a celebration afternoon with my gorgeous friend Cath and 50 other people at Wynyard Hall followed by a meeting of @thegrammersuk at Ramside Hall, not too far away. The outfit had to be work appropriate for the morning, special enough for the celebration and insta worthy for the pics in the evening. Phew – a big ask. I narrowed it down to a couple of options, both from Rixo. The dress I bought in the Jules B a couple of weeks ago. Or the tiger print skirt I bought as a present to myself last Christmas. Concerns about creasing on a long, hot day won out. I went with the skirt, the “investment” piece nicely balanced by a £15 Zara top.

As I mingled and chatted to people I noticed the most amazing bag on a chair and it turned out to belong to Sally Aitchison. She’d shopped her wardrobe too. Apparently it was an impulse purchase from Lulu Guinness 10 years ago and only its third outing.  Straw bags are one of the hottest trends this summer. You were so ahead of the curve on that one, Sally.

It was such a fabulous gathering of people in the most beautiful setting that I completely gave up on the idea of dashing off to event number 3.

My favourite picture has to be this one. Cath looking amazing, as only she can, in a bright red Jigsaw jumpsuit (SS18), with her sister Annemarie and her adorable Mum, Wyn, who I met for the very first time.

Annemarie, Cath & Wyn

So next time a dizzy social whirl is approaching take a tip from Cath, Sally and me – shop your wardrobe. You never know what you might find and guess what – it’s all in your size!


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