Everything but the kitchen sink

Severe shoulder pain recently prompted me to make an appointment with a physiotherapist. During a lengthy consultation I explained that my serious gym habit, combined with a 120 mile round trip commute, was playing havoc with my shoulders, particularly the right one. He listened intently then worked some much needed magic for the rest of the session. As I got up to leave I was standing straighter and the pain had almost completely disappeared. “Worth every penny” I thought as I slung my bag over my right shoulder. Yikes, what happened there? The pain came flooding back and I was nowhere near the gym. This couldn’t have anything to do with my handbag could it?

About a year ago I invested – and I use the word wisely –  in a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag. 

I saw it as my weekend bag. I’d never have to buy plastic shoppers again. So, I was saving the planet right?  As the proud owner of many a Mulberry, Kate Spade and Orla Kiely bag I had to justify its niche position.

But it turns out there was no need. It lives up to its name. It really is Neverfull.  And it quickly moved into poll position as my go to, everyday, bag. But after the physio incident I forced myself to review its contents.

No real surprises. An umbrella, Elnette, Ray Bans and green tea bags are all essentials in my book. And, when inspiration strikes, where would I be without post it notes! 

And if the occasion demands it just add a pair of Birkenstocks and a full size notebook and you’re good to go!

Weighing in at 5 kilos it warranted further investigation. I’ve been known to lift less than that at Body Pump. It didn’t take too long to find the culprit. The fabulous leopard print Biba make up bag was hiding a multitude of sins for starters.

CC Cream, Touche Eclat, concealer, eye cream, blusher, mirror, an eyebrow pencil I never use, 5 lipsticks (eek!) 2 eye pencils, an eyeshadow brush, a lip pencil, 2 different mascaras, a lip balm, an eyebrow gel I never use, a Chanel eyeshadow and my carefully edited Trinny London stack.

You’ve heard of FOMO. I have Fear of Not Having the Right Thing With Me When I Need It.

Even the cute star pouch wasn’t totally blameless. It’s for things that might otherwise knock around in the bottom of my bag gathering fluff. Let’s hope the day never comes when I have to replace my contact lenses two and a half times whilst flossing.


I may need help. Does Marie Kondo do bags?


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