Flat Trier

As a lover of heels I don’t feel I can do justice to a post about flat shoes. Fortunately my great friend Alexis has quite a collection so I’m handing over to her this week to give them the write up they deserve …


The last pair of teetering heels I bought were black satin Prada peep toes. Beautiful, expensive, and completely impractical. The sort of shoes you wear for walking from your limousine to a large armchair in the hotel, and no further. That was probably fifteen years ago, and I’ve been a fan of the flat ever since.

To be fair, my wardrobe was never littered with high heels. I’m 5’ 7″ so I don’t need them for height and I’ve never found them easy to wear. And, (spoiler alert) they’re not very good for your feet or your posture. I realise Ms Style Stuff will be reaching for the smelling salts and I get it. High heels make you look and feel all Jessica Rabbit, whereas flat shoes can have an effect that’s more Roger Rabbit.

My approach is that given my shoe of preference is flat or with just the suggestion of a heel, then by gum they’re going to have to work it in another way. I seek out colour, texture or a quirky element to my footwear to elevate them, if not with height, then with funkiness.

I love the brand Stylesnob from Copenhagen www.stylesnob.com. Gosh but those Danes, really are style-on-a-stick with the possible exception of Sarah Lund’s sweaters in ‘The Killing’. My colour mismatch ‘kiss’ pumps are from them and are the only shoes I’ve ever owned that always get commented on. My frustration is that Stylesnob don’t sell on line and finding stockists is tough, but given how much I like their range, it may be saving me from myself.



I have a good selection of sneakers/trainers or what my Dad would have called plimsolls. The ubiquitous Converse Allstars, a flash of metallic from Ecco and a crazy tapestry pair from, you guessed it, Stylesnob.


A Chelsea boot is a necessity in my view. Why have a brown boot when you can have green and orange? These come from Mandarina Shoes www.mandarinashoes.co.uk who have the most amazing range of shoes and boots in Harris tweed and velvet as well as these leather funksters.

For a more classic look you can’t beat a pair of good black loafers. I’m not at home to the tassel, the horse brass or other loafer accoutrements but fortunately Zara can be relied upon for not over embellishing, and these are from their Basics range so good value too.


While Ms Style Stuff isn’t looking I’m going to sneak in a mention for Skechers. Until you have put your foot into the soft, memory foam joy of a Skechers shoe or boot you do not know comfort. These suede boots are my everyday go-to footwear because I’m on my feet a lot. Yes, I’ve got them in different colours, what of it?


Finally, a word for the kitten heel, because if they’re good enough for Audrey Hepburn, they’re good enough for me. They used to be called ‘trainer heels’ which certainly lacks glamour but as a low-level cousin to the stiletto, they can’t be beaten. These are my only heels and also my most expensive footwear purchase ever. Kitten heel, black suede boots from Emma Hobbs. These are probably fourteen years old and the suede is rubbed smooth at the back from use, but I will never part with them, because just like Mary Poppins, they are practically perfect in every way.

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