From Catwalk to Carlisle

My efforts at decluttering are half hearted at best. I find it hard to part with stuff, particularly nice stuff. I don’t believe for a moment the articles I read describing how good I will feel after clearing out everything I haven’t worn for a year. Instead I’m convinced I’ll feel bereft. Of course, as someone with a serious shopping habit, I sometimes have to make room for new stuff. That means numerous trips to the charity shop or even dabbling in ebay where my BNWT impulse purchases go down well.

A Diane von Furstenberg dress bought in 2008 has escaped numerous clearouts despite being little worn but it’s what I call a “thing of beauty.”

The real claim to fame of this dress has to be it’s fleeting, and I mean blink and you miss it type of fleeting, appearance in the first Sex and the City Movie when Carrie touches the skirt of the same dress when shopping in the DvF store in New York. Having bought it the previous week in Jules B in Jesmond I could barely contain my excitement in the cinema as my sister will testify!

It appeared on the DvF catwalk too on a model rather taller and more willowy than me but undeterred I wore it to a summer wedding with the belt tied rather more conventionally around my waist than my head.

And then it hung in the wardrobe for eight years. Eight years – what would Marie Kondo would say! I even took it on holiday a few years running and still didn’t wear it, though I noticed that the fabric always looked fabulous even after being squashed into a very full suitcase.

Until last year when the yellow print suddenly seemed just right and I wore it to an Awards “do” in London. Had I known I’d be blogging about it I wouldn’t have covered half of it with my jacket but you get the idea.

And then only a few weeks ago, in the middle of a heatwave, it was the perfect dress to wear to the Bell & Plate at Carlisle Racecourse

So the moral of the story is to hold onto those “things of beauty” because you just never know when they might have their moment …

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