Gilding the Lily with Trinny London

This post runs the risk of becoming just a series of photos of me grinning madly. But I’m fighting that urge and determined to write “properly” about the launch of Trinny London in Fenwick Newcastle last week.  I’d signed up for a Match2Me Masterclass and was beyond excited as it approached. So much so I’d managed to persuade my friend Kim to attend too at the last minute even though she was ill prepared for such an event in that she wasn’t wearing heels, sequins, or leopard print!

If you’re one of Trinny Woodall’s 375k Instagram followers you’ll know about Trinny London, the portable, versatile range of make up she’s created based on thousands of makeovers, including those with Susannah Constantine in the early noughties TV series What Not to Wear.

As a fan of the show and a lover of her totally out there, and hilarious, videos online I couldn’t wait to see these much talked about products and, fingers crossed, Trinny herself.

And I wasn’t disappointed on either count. The Masterclass was based on a speed dating format and it worked brilliantly. Tables, hosted by make up artists, were covered in her trademark, stackable, pots of colour and dedicated to lips, cheeks, eyes and face. We’d each completed a Match2Me profile based on hair colour, eye colour and skin tone, online at the start of the evening. And the recommendations it produced were a great place to start when trying out colours. Designed to be applied with fingers it was so easy to have a go without worrying about tools and brushes.

At first glance some of the shades looked scarily bright, like the Lip2Cheek colour Kim tried out. But the creamy textures can be applied lightly and built up depending on the look you want. They blend beautifully too and it took Kim only moments to decide she needed a little Cha Cha in her life.

Kim – giving her cheeks the Cha Cha treatment!

I’ve never got the hang of contouring so was interested to try out a different technique that gave a subtle shadow rather than a deep brown stripe from cheek to chin. Whether I can build it into my already lengthy morning routing is debatable but you never know …

My all time favourite make up is lipstick. I feel naked without it and have at least four in my make up bag  right now. So after a dabble with Lyla Lip Glow, a perfect summer gloss, I went straight for the big guns – Lip Luxe in Swainy a vibrant orange/tomato red.  It was love at first sight.

Please note – there were mirrors on each table but I really only recognise myself in this 35 year old one from Stratton. I occasionally google them for reassurance I’ll be able to find another should I lose it!

You’ve heard of double denim – well Trinny goes one better – double silver with added sequins! When we finally reached her table the Prosecco was ignored as I hung on her every word. And boy does she know her stuff. Her glamorous, party girl image belies a really practical approach to make up and beauty for real women. She transformed a member of our group in minutes with the lightest possible make up look. And her words “lift the canvas ladies” will ring in my ears whenever I apply eyeshadow to my hooded lids.


And at the end of a perfect evening there were pictures …


I’m still smiling a week later

And, of course, there were purchases to be made. The queue snaked around the Beauty Hall and I joined it with some trepidation, wondering whether I’d reach the front before the store closed. I needn’t have worried. It was just another chance to mingle with like minded beauty lovers and giddily compare wish lists. And from one very well informed lady I discovered something important – Trinny’s trousers (worn with opaques and sky high platform sandals that day) were from Zara. So in true Style Stuff tradition – I tracked them down ..

Trinny’s Trousers

Purchases were inevitable – I couldn’t have that much fun and not buy something! The BFF Cream – a primer come very light base, Lip Luxe in Swainy and the Cha Cha Lip2Cheek. But my photos of them really don’t do them justice – you try taking pictures indoors in November. So I suggest you visit for much better shots and lots more info.  And while you’re there fill in your Match2Me profile too. Just don’t blame me when your credit card statement arrives!




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