Party, Party, Party

Even a green tea drinking, early to bed, early to rise type of girl like me has to get into the party spirit at Christmas. I might not end up dancing on tables but the long range outfit planning, the joy of browsing dresses and those final beauty preparations bring their own excitement!

I’d set my heart on a new dress and, convinced that sequins were the answer, I planned try on sessions in London and Newcastle with military precision.


Eventually I ditched the High Street in favour of Leaf, an independent store in Newcastle. The owner, Josie, has a great eye and despite my reservations about  getting my legs out persuaded me that the train at the side of this dress meant I wouldn’t feel naked. She also reminded me that the chances of me seeing someone else in it were non existent because she buys small quantities. Sold!

And if I needed any more convincing the advice in The Time mag nailed it. Clearly I ignored the fact that they are teenage models with long legs and I’m not!

Suffice to say two gin & tonics into the evening (my absolute limit sadly) I forgot all about my legs, my dress and whether my mascara was running and got on with having fun with some of my very favourite people


The photo mirror certainly brought out the party animal in me!

Thank you for reading Style Stuff this year, your comments, support and feedback means a lot to me …



And from my home grown holly to my sparkly shoes I wish you a very Merry Christmas x











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