Christmas fizzled. New Year woke me up at midnight. And Madame StyleStuff started her 3 month no clothes shopping project. Me? Well, I suddenly decided, on December 18th, to clear one thousand items from my house. 

 And I started right away.

I’m pretty good about keeping on top of clothes clutter. I have a small clear out at the end of summer & winter. White tee shirts lose their glow. Shirts refuse to recover from daily use of factor 50. Winter clothes give up the ghost after being worn as part of my daily pass-the-parcel walkies ensemble. I often think, I’d have to regain consciousness in an ambulance, just to let them know that I’m in four layers and full thermal underwear. “Keep cutting, love. I’m in there somewhere”. 


Some clothes repeatedly survive the cull. They tend to be be nostalgic. They made me feel good. The colour was perfect. I had a great time when I wore them. These are the joy sparkers of Marie Kondo. But in my life, of extremely limited budget, some things have to be kept for practical reasons.


But the cassettes? The endless almost dead batteries? Or…. the floppy disks?

The point of the big clear out is fairly convoluted. But as with most of these things, there’s a lot of emotion attached to it and frankly…. I’m sick and tired of “stuff”. I’m also very difficult to motivate and move away from pain, rather than towards pleasure. But it suddenly occured to me that whilst drowning, the one thing I should definitely start doing, was start swimming. 

It’s what Oprah would call a lightbulb moment.

I started with the easy stuff. Did you know that most of our food banks would love your unused bath and body products? I blythly cleared out unopened lotions and bubble bath from last year…. not thinking Santa wouldn’t top me up with new stuff. Haha. Santa had other plans.

Not included in my 1000 count but I’m highly recommending it, is to unsubscribe from emailing lists. Ebay states that it can take up to 10 days for it to take hold. 10 days in a digital world. They continue to bombard you with special offers & tell you “what’s hot”. You know what’s hot? Making your own decision. Not reading 10 things you need this season/to see before you’re 40, 50 or die and not being subtly told that if you don’t have this, have been there or eaten that, you really aren’t worth your place on this earth.

I’m documenting the declutter on my Instagram page @powleybearbox But I warn you. This account is linked to my little Etsy shop. So dip in carefully, unless you want to be bombarded with items of carefully curated vintage loveliness.


PS. You can now leave comments on Style Stuff – I’ve finally sorted the settings! Go to  where it says “leave a reply”  below. Write your comment (nice ones only please), first name and email address and away you go. Your email address will not appear and you don’t need to fill in the website section either. It’s easy I promise.

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  1. Sue
    January 10, 2019 / 12:45 pm

    Declutter 1000 – what a brilliant idea! I take your floppy disks and raise them with a broken umbrella (I like the colour) and a crumbled bath bomb …

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