Style doesn’t come with a manual – it comes with a Mother

In my 20s me and my Mum would no sooner have gone on a night out together, swapped clothes or shared incriminating photos of what I was up to, than fly to the moon. Don’t get me wrong – my Mum was young (19 when I was born) and pretty cool. She wore trousers when everyone else’s Mum wore skirts. And she didn’t own a twin set or pearls much as I tried to persuade her otherwise. But she was Mum. And that was that.

Not so now when lots of Mums and daughters are best friends and bond over shopping/gin/nights out – delete as applicable.

So when I noticed the fabulous Naomi Robson, a friend who’s far too young for Style Stuff, posting proud pics of her Mum, Val, and commenting on how great she looks I was intrigued to know more.

Val and Naomi

Naomi played ball and agreed to answer a few questions for Style Stuff …

Naomi, how would you describe your Mum’s style?

Sophisticated, classy, fun and effortless with a touch of boho.

And what about her style when you were growing up?

I remember her jaw dropping workwear best. She always looked great but it was when she left for the office looking so fashionable and not too try hard that I would think “My Mum is fab” and I was so proud of her.

Val’s influence very evident in Naomi’s Topshop suit

When she took me to visit my new school at four years old we wore matching denim outfits and I was so happy to be her mini me. My friends still remember it to this day.

Do you ever borrow or swap clothes?

Most definitely. She has some fabulous accessories, including a Gucci belt, and a classic All Saints leather jacket that are very much on my radar. I have been known to dig around in her gym wardrobe too!  And when she takes a shine to a blouse or jacket of mine I’m happy to return the favour.

And what about shopping together?

Yes, but not often enough! Our favourite store is Zara – who doesn’t love Zara – and visiting there together is a real treat. My Mum also discovers great pieces at stores like H&M and New Look. When it comes to holidays we’re not above a trip to Primark where we’ll usually find those extra bits and pieces at the most amazing prices.

Naomi in Zara hat and Ray-Bans. Val opting for hat from Primark and Carvela sunnies

On a recent trip to Marbella Mum got so many compliments on her outfit. People could not believe it when she told them it was all Florence & Fred.

Val, wowing the crowds, in Florence & Fred

I have to say we’re both shopping more online too. It’s so easy and opens up a whole new world of shopping at sites like ASOS and MissGuided.

You sound so in tune with each other. But who shops the most?

In terms of time that’s definitely me. Sometimes I’ll look back on a weekend and it hits me quite how much time I’ve spent shopping. But we’re both pretty savvy – prepared to splash out on something we love but good at mixing high street buys with the occasional designer purchase. It’s all about the getting the mix right.


And is there anything of your Mum’s that you’d love to own?

That’s an easy one. Her Gucci belt. When I borrow it I’m in absolutely no rush to give it back!

Val’s Gucci belt making an appearance on Naomi!








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