Style Story – Sara

So far Style Stuff has only featured me so I’m going to mix it up a bit by telling the Style Stories of amazing fifty somethings I know. Real people with their own real style. And with that in mind I can think of no better place to start than my colleague Sara, a warm, generous and all round crazy lady who brings light and life to the team at CFM and Cash for Kids with her love of colour and personal style.

Sara doesn’t do minimal and rarely wears black. She says people worry she’s been to a funeral when she does! Instead everything she wears says something about her zest for life, her positive outlook and her love of style.

And for anyone who reaches for the same black handbag every day – consider the alternatives. Bags like these really do make a very different statement!

For a trip to the beauty therapist some might drag out the baggy grey t shirt and leggings. But not Sara – for her a luscious print dress and bright lipstick are the name of the game.

As a lover of heels I struggle to imagine a night out without them. But who needs them when you can dance for hours in these sparkly beauties and, even better, still walk the next day!

Forget the twinset and pearls of yesteryear, Sara is living proof that style trumps age every time!


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