The Beauty Besties Know Best

My “need” for new clothes has plummeted this year. Honestly, I’m down to just one browse per week on Zara’s site when the what’s new email arrives. But when it comes to skincare life is pretty much as normal with every click of the central heating adding to my ultra dry skin issues. Like you, I’m  bombarded with ads for the latest lotions and potions. They all sound fantastic but who knows what works? My Beauty Besties that’s who. So I asked them and here’s what they said …

New stuff on the block

First up some new names, starting with The Inkey List. I’d seen the ads but never explored the brand until Helen Walsh, who is always in the know, waxed lyrical about them. According to the website their mission is to create premium skincare that delivers results at an affordable price – a bit like The Ordinary I guess. Helen chatted to their people on insta, as you do, answered a few questions and they created a personalised recipe to Cleanse, Treat and Moisturise her skin. At around £50 for 7 products she went for it and bought the lot and is now their number one fan!

Oat Cleansing Balm – Helen’s new favourite


If Il Makiage has been popping up on your feed you’ll be interested to know that Dawn Gibson, a self confessed beauty addict,  is a fan. She ventured onto their site, took the online quiz – complete with pictures to help identify your skin tone, and ended up with the best concealer ever without being within however many metres of a beauty counter! The range of shades is incredible, 50 for foundation and 30 for concealer and you can return a product within 60 days if it’s not for you. The verdict from Dawn “Ignore the dodgy name, this is a brilliant concealer! Great coverage and a lovely, creamy texture.”

F*ck I’m Flawless from Il Makiage

Things you didn’t know you needed until you tried them

Cath Ellington is such a Trinny aficionado, I’m fully expecting her to turn up in silver sequins next time we meet! She is loving Trinny’s T Kit brush – a 3 in one brush for eyes, lips and brows. Trinny says thank you darling and blows you a big kiss x

Trinny London’s T Kit

And if you need a lip oil in your life, Clarins Comfort Lip Oil gets a huge thumbs up from Lisa Fox. A great recommendation from someone who is on first name terms with most of Fenwick’s Beauty Hall.


Your lips will thank you


What the Beauty Besties are buying

If you think Liz Earle is all about Cleanse and Polish think again! Clare O’Neill and Michelle Surrell both rave about her Botanical Shine shampoo and conditioner. It’s a step up from Pantene price wise but smells gorgeous and leaves your hair squeaky clean. And I’m told there are deals to be had on QVC.

Pixi was firmly in the “too young for me” category until I tried their Glow Tonic. The trial size is only £10, lasts for ages and a couple of swipes leave totally clean skin. Cathy Kirk was already onto it and has converted me to their Overnight Glow Serum too.

Turns out Pixi is not “too young” for me!


If you know Sara Oldham you’ll know she loves lipstick. And it has to be red. She’s partial to a Chanel or Charlotte Tilbury but for everyday wear says you can’t beat No.7 Long Lasting Lipstick in Gay Geranium or Raspberry.

Advanced Night Repair is a real hero product at Estee Lauder and Alexis Thompson was lucky enough to receive a free bottle as a John Lewis reviewer. (Note to self – get on review panel at John Lewis). Convinced it was all marketing puffery she’s now wondering how to justify paying £90 for her next bottle. Praise indeed!

Darphin is a French brand of naturally powered botanical skincare. Sue Currie recommends the Jasmine Oil and Exquisage range for its gentle yet luxurious feel.

On the advice of Sali Hughes (big on Insta and in The Guardian) Geraldine Atkinson invested the princely sum of £8 on Sanctuary’s Wet Skin Moisture Miracle and says it absolutely lives up to its name. That’s what we like to hear!

A miracle for only £8!


If, like me, you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet this list might have arrived just in time. If you have, sorry, but there’s always that little thing called self gifting!

Much love

Sue x












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