The right stuff

If there’s a gap in my wardrobe (and I accept that’s a big “if”) it’s for hot weather outfits.

I’m not good in the heat so tend to avoid it. But every so often, along comes a trip that combines sightseeing, time by the pool and almost guaranteed sunshine. And there’s something about my 10 year old bikinis, sarongs and sundresses that don’t quite make the grade. Because on holiday I’m going to be that person whose hair doesn’t frizz, whose nose doesn’t freckle, whose shoulders don’t burn and who wafts about in spotless white.

The prospect sends me into a blind panic and that can only mean one thing – shopping of the very worst kind. Shopping for the life I don’t have – or even want.


So, never one to shirk a challenge, I dedicated an otherwise quiet weekend to the sole purpose of finding the right stuff …

The prairie look at Zara

The prairie look is big on insta but in real life? Comfortable – yes. Practical – to a degree. But that floor sweeping hem? An accident in the making for sure.

On to Fenwicks where the Rixo dress brought out the Maid Marian in me rather than sultry sophisticate. And the one from Cos fell into the “nice but not what I’m looking for” category.


A disheartened air descended on the expedition and I found myself distracted by a certain silver sequinned dress.



Fortunately it was too big and not remotely suitable for the trip being almost as heavy as chain mail. But it boosted my spirits sufficiently to embark onĀ  round two

The green dress certainly ticked the comfort box but it rustled rather than wafted. So that was a no. Kind of liked the Queen of Hearts look and found myself at the till buying it. Still giddy from the silver sequins obviously! Got it home and realised the error of my ways when I opened my Jules B delivery.


Grizas at Jules B

White, wafty, nice detail at the neck. It even has pockets – not that I would disturb its lovely lines by using them.

So that’s day one of the trip sorted. Only six more to go.



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