The September Issue

Having resisted serious shopping trips for weeks in the hope of an endless summer I couldn’t wait for a foray into town to check out the Autumn/Winter trends I’ve been reading about. I know we can buy it all online but I love to feel the fabric and try things on. Anything to avoid standing in the Post Office queue to return unwanted parcels. As luck would have it I managed both Eldon Square and the MetroCentre in the space of a few days – yay – double bubble!

Laser like, my eyes were peeled for the big four: checks/plaid, purple/green, brown/mustard and, of course, animal print. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Zara have gone for checks and plaid in a big way. You name it they’ve got it in checks ranging from subtle greys to full on Bay City Roller tartan.

Check central – Zara

Homage to the Bay City Rollers












And the timeless appeal of a checked coat didn’t go unnoticed by Style Stuff. They are everywhere and at all price points. A colour accent at Warehouse, belted at Whistles, muted at All Saints and a coat every bit as gorgeous as you’d expect at Paul Smith, all caught my eye.

Clockwise from top left – Warehouse, Whistles, All Saints, Paul Smith


Perhaps wisely the stores in the North East don’t seem to have gone overboard on the whole brown/mustard trend. Having lived through the 70s I struggle to think I’ll revisit this one. Also just read in Grazia’s “51 ways to be new season now” that I should be considering a balaclava.” I’ll give that a miss too thanks.

But, each to their own and if you have a yearning for it – the brown and mustard –  not the balaclava – it’s out there. Warehouse and Mango are both doing great retro stripes and M&S are ticking the brown and checks box in one go.

Clockwise from top left – Warehouse, M&S, Mango and M&S


Not everyone gets it right of course – over to my sister for her thoughts on a particular tartan piece

If you have entirely given up on the thought of love. Have been considering a Slanket as your version of hygge. Then this is the must have piece for you.

Yep M&S have pulled it out of the bag once again. It was a bag lady’s bag. But it was still a bag.

I have given up on life and everyone will know me by my dress

For 35 of our English pounds, you can get this shapeless, style free, clingy fabric-ed abomination of appalling pattern matching. No amount of dust-free instapics are going to change my mind on this one.

Treat it like you would the plague. Avoid it.

That’s you told!  A post dedicated to  animal print, with a smidgen of purple and green, thrown in for good measure, is in the offing. See you soon.















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