There are no miracles – but there is hope

When it comes to beauty products there are no miracles – but there is hope.

Like you, I’m sure, I’ve bought into the promise of just about every lotion and potion out there only to come to the conclusion that there really are no miracles. So it’s a nice surprise when something does what it says and then some.

Proper beauty blogging involves close up photography and scary before and after pics way beyond my current capabilities. But here’s a round up of products I’ve used recently that definitely pass the “would I buy it again?” test.

From left to right

Erborian CC Cream – Didn’t really get into the whole BB, CC cream thing a few years ago but was introduced to this by the girls at Space NK. It looks weird in the tube because it’s white but changes colour as you rub it in. I started wearing it at weekends in an attempt to look human without make up – you know the no make up make up look that’s so difficult to achieve. But its ultra light coverage and slight (very slight) blurring effect got me hooked and it’s replaced my foundation every day since May. Worth a look for evening out skin tone but not for covering blemishes. It’s SPF25 too.

Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara – Hate the packaging and the name but love the mascara! It separates rather than clumps, it’s very black and doesn’t end up under my eyes by mid afternoon. Try one of the mini sizes – wish more brands did these – before investing in the full size.

Rapidbrow – Does what it says on the tube. Has filled in the gaps in my nondescript brows beautifully and couldn’t be easier to use.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Read about this in one of those articles about beauty for women of a certain age. Didn’t know I needed it but bought it anyway and I’m glad I did. Stops cream eyeshadow from melting away throughout the day and disguises veiny eyelids on those no make up make up days. Not suggesting for a moment that you have veiny eyelids of course.

Hourglass Illume Sheer Colour Trio – A bronzer, blusher, highlighter trio. Cream to powder formulation and goes on like a dream. Pricey but has brought my endless quest for the perfect cheek colour to a halt for a few months at least.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask – only to be worn in the privacy of your own home! No idea how it works but peps up tired skin and gives a great base for make up. It’s totally dry with no greasy residue. The mask can be worn three times – and I’ve pushed it to four – bringing the cost per wear down considerably.

Would love to hear about your latest finds but comments section on Style Stuff is still work in progress. So I invited my somewhat lower maintenance sister for her recommendation …

No sooner said than done. Red hair don’t care. Aldi, Calypso Kids Sun Lotion. Factor 50 – go hard or go home. It works. It smells of coconut. UVA & UVB protection. Like Ms. Style Stuff says, there are no miracles. But there is science – as I say. Hugs and kisses Style Stuff’s sister

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