There’s no such thing as too many shoes

What do the words “dressing room” say to you? A beautiful space with walk in wardrobes and neat rows of colour coded shoes, bags and accessories? A carefully edited collection arranged by season? Think again because as you may have noticed by now – Marie Kondo I’m not.

My dressing room is more of an attempt to keep my ever growing collection of such things in one place and stop it taking over the rest of the house. On top of these shelves is a teetering pile of boxes filled with, yes you guessed it, more shoes!

I know all about asking the question “does this bring you joy?” – but I find the answer is generally “yes”.

Like these Prada shoes. A bargain in the Harvey Nichols sale years ago. Worn them twice but experienced extreme difficulty keeping them on my feet resulting in walking at geisha speed. But just seeing them on the shelf brings me joy.

The same goes for the even more bargainous mules from Zara last year. I love the colour, the heels and the shape – but on someone else’s feet!

Most days start in heels but tend to end in these

Madrid Birkenstocks really have ruined my feet for all other shoes. Comfortable, colourful and so easy to slip off in the changing rooms!

Despite many culls, trips to the charity shop and ebay listings the contents of the Dressing Room never seem to go down. As a space appears it’s quickly filled by the latest purchase.

I’ve a feeling this might become a familiar theme …

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