Travelling light

Faced with anything other than an overnight stay I don’t do travelling light. So a three week planes, trains and automobiles trip taking in a few American and Canadian cities and some places in between was bound to be a challenge.

It’s been said before but Marie Kondo I’m not. It all brings me joy. I like choices. Options.  Not just weather options, but options that are appropriate for the person I might become when I’m on holiday. With emphasis on the might. Because in reality after a few days away I go completely feral. Sky high heels, colour co ordinated accessories, even mascara, all go by the wayside in favour of the same three dresses that I end up having laundered.

Back home and unpacking these officially “heavy” bags I ask myself some searching questions:

Who takes a sequinned dress to a place called Bear Mountain?

Tried on – back on hanger within minutes


Who packs so many of these?










And so few of these …

Just one sweatshirt

Who does a mad dash to Boots in Newcastle beforehand to buy three travel size bottles of Listerine when they sell just about everything under the sun at Heathrow.

And on the subject of toiletries …

Who feels they must take their own flannels to a hotel – Fairmont Vancouver – where there are flagship stores of Gucci, Dior and Louis Vuitton in the lobby.

My favourite flannels – front washbag

And the answer …

The same person who packs these never worn but totally “things of beauty” slippers. Just in case.

Ugg slippers – things of beauty



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