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When you were growing up did you look at 50 year old women and think they were really old? Me too. And did they look anything like you or your friends look now? Absolutely not. I’ve lost track of whether 50 is the new 40, 30 or even 25 (wishful thinking clearly) but the fifty somethings I know live by the motto

My interest, some might say obsession, with clothes, hair, beauty and the like started early. Lurking somewhere in a family photo album is a black and white photo of the five year old Sue in the bath with a head full of rollers and the straightest fringe imaginable.

Even a school trip to Hilbre Island was an opportunity to show my 1970s fashion sense complete with sleeves of polo neck sweater carefully pulled up to reveal the flowing sleeves of a kingfisher blue blouse. And as for the hat …

I’m into fitness with spinning classes, Body Pump and ashtanga yoga all part of my routine. I dabble in mindfulness too – I’ve downloaded the headspace app for heaven’s sake. But for the ultimate in relaxation, satisfaction and moments of exhilaration – nothing beats a successful shopping trip!

Style Stuff is my attempt to the share the joy of a new purchase, the latest outing for something I bought 10 years ago and the things I buy that would be perfect if I had a completely different life. You can expect some inexpert photography, a very cluttered dressing room, guest posts from my sister who much prefers dog walking to shopping, and an occasional delve into the rail of 150 items of clothing that sits outside my wardrobe.

But one thing I promise you’ll never see on Style Stuff is a pair of crimplene trousers with an elasticated waist – unless they appear in Grazia of course!


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