What is it about sequins …

What is it about sequins that I find so irresistible?

I prefer nights in to nights out so somehow I like to think I’m someone who can wear sequins in the understated, cool way they talk about in magazines. Not the full on Shirley Bassey way from days gone by.

So when I spotted this Rixo dress in Fenwick Newcastle I just had to try it on.

It really was a thing of beauty and if I’d had an even remotely glamorous event coming up I’d have justified the price tag and bought it in a flash. As it was I didn’t and I walked away – though not without some regrets.

So, when on a recent trip to Zara there was this amazing skirt with a much lower price tag I convinced myself that it was very wearable and if I didn’t snap it up someone else would.

Needless to say it hung reproachfully on my clothes rail for a couple of weeks before I returned it.

Also in Zara was this wonderful sequined tiered skirt

I tried it on, obviously, but there was a huge queue and little time for a photo. But on my 5 foot 3 inch frame I looked like a lady on a toilet roll cover – a look I’m very anxious to avoid. And even Claudia Winkleman writing about it in the Sunday Times Style mag couldn’t make it right for me however hard I wished it to be so.

By now I had the bit between my teeth so in similar vein I tried on this silver dress with distinctly 1980s overtones

It’s as comfortable as a dressing gown, impossibly glam and I’m wearing it for a party later this week.


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