What? No shopping? The final countdown

As February dawned I could feel boredom setting in on the whole 90 day no shopping thing. I’d stopped feeling virtuous and started feeling, meh. So I set about making it more interesting. I need to up my game on Instagram so searched hosted hashtags in the hope of getting a mention from someone. Anyone other than me. Black dresses on repeat don’t really cut it so I shopped my wardrobe for more distinctive items. Good photos are a must so – biggest laugh of all – I bought a selfie stick!

Pairing last year’s Zara check coat and my fifteen year old purple Burberry scarf saw me appear in an edit of #printcolourclashtastic and #shoppingfrommywardrobe . Note to self. If you’re going to splash out on Burberry Sue, perhaps there’s a more neutral option than purple?

Purple – loved by Style Stuff and Donny Osmond. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

Blouses have been a winner on the #shoppingmywardrobe front. I have lots of them and they don’t really date. There’s an ongoing battle in the office on the subject of room temperature. When winter strikes Brenda and Debbie bring in hot water bottles and a big slipper for under the desk. I resort to chiffon sleeves – but never sweaters!

Loving the Ready Brek glow on this pic

I tracked down this orange check Zara skirt in September and had worn it just once. Until I came across #winterfashtastic.



My pre challenge sale purchases have earned their keep too. I’m not generally a fan of shoes with velcro but make an exception for these Stella McCartney for Adidas trainers. Perfect for #sundaystylevibe #whatweworethisweekend and coming soon to #fridayfeet.

I’ve avoided the shops like the plague but on my ONE trip to Eldon Square in February a couple of things caught my eye. Love, love, love the colour of this green Hush top and was about to add it to my April wish. Until I realised I bought exactly the same top in red two years ago.

This Rixo dress in pink tiger print would be perfect for the summer wedding I’m not attending. But what about their yellow tiger print skirt currently hanging in my wardrobe. Perhaps that deserve it’s first outing too.

Writing this post has reminded me that less than a year ago I’d never looked at Instagram and had a Facebook account with no profile pic, no content and not surprisingly no friends either. Crikey – talk about late to the party! And it is a party. A mad and crazy one at times. But it’s helped the second month of my 90 day challenge fly by and that’s good enough for me.

PS. My neighbours haven’t mentioned the doorstep fashion shoots with the selfie stick yet. Expecting it to turn up as an agenda item at a neighbourhood meeting any time soon. Not sure what the verdict will be!


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