What? No shopping! The final word.

So my 90 day challenge is over. 90 days of no shopping for clothes or accessories. Done. Big tick off the list.

There were some tricky moments. Like when my pal Geraldine sent me a photo of her Topshop Editor jeans. Instantly I went online to order them and realised I couldn’t. Likewise, when Sweaty Betty kindly emailed me to let me know they’d reduced a ski top I’d had my eye on, a battle raged between my conscience and my credit card. Until I remembered that I’d bought an almost identical top two years ago.

In the grand scheme of things I won’t pretend it’s a heavyweight challenge but still lessons were learned.

When you see something you have a burning desire to buy, Sue, pause for at least a moment. You may find you have something incredibly similar in your wardrobe. You may even find that you haven’t worn said item. It may even have the tags on it! And perhaps ask yourself the question –  how many black dresses/pairs of jeans/cute jackets can you wear at any one time.

There’s only one way to celebrate the end of 90 days of no shopping by, yes you guessed it, going shopping. In anticipation of an affordable splurge, Zara was top of the list. And it didn’t disappoint. Well it did a bit because so much I’d seen online wasn’t in store. Things like Helen Walsh’s beautiful blue print dress, for example, but I got over that very quickly in my excitement.

Suffice to say – outfits were tried on, selfies were taken and purchases were made.

I don’t own anything tie dye so the skirt genuinely fills a gap in my wardrobe – honestly.  Lovely, silky fabric and will be sold out by the time it’s warm enough to wear it. The straight cropped jeans are loose fitting and ultra comfortable. The on trend wide leg marine jeans are very fitted at the top and much as I love the idea of them they’re probably too long. Didn’t stop me buying them obvs.

Likewise the Topshop Editor jeans. Love the cut but the button fly makes them slightly lumpy around the middle. My middle anyway. Came home with me for closer inspection in my own mirror.


A trip to Zara could fool you into thinking the whole world is wearing yellow.

So I succumbed and tried on the yellow suit that’s all over instagram.


Amazing colour. Way too long. And now hanging in my wardrobe.

Next challenge – 28 days to decide what’s a keeper and what’s going back!


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