What? No shopping!

Happy New Year!

So, in the spirit of goals, resolutions, new habits and the like, I’ve set myself a challenge. A 90 day challenge. A 90 day no shopping for clothes challenge. Dry January would be easy peasy – I hardly drink. But no shopping? That’s another story.

My love of shopping is well documented. Life without the thrill of the impulse purchase? Or the carefully planned one for that matter with size, style and colour researched and tracked down with Poirot like precision. Crikey – how’s that going to work?

Just to spell it out – to myself – rather than to you. Sue – no shopping means no new clothes, bags, shoes or accessories between now and the 1st of April. It probably means no dashing to Fenwicks and Zara as the beautiful new spring stock arrives. And it definitely means no online browsing just in case my fingers go into automatic pilot and somehow use my saved credit card details to buy stuff.

Norovirus got in the way of my trip to Edinburgh for the Harvey Nicks sale this year. Admittedly it hasn’t stopped a few online purchases sneaking in before my January deadline but my 90 day challenge has now begun.

Stella McCartney for Adidas. Final splurge!

And just two days in I’m struck by the number of emails I get from stores and brands promoting sales, limited offers, bigger discounts, new arrivals.  Note to self: Make friends with the delete button!

I’m kickstarting things with a long overdue, full on, wardrobe clear out this weekend. Over the last few months I’ve completely lost sight of what’s in there and that needs to change. Shopping my wardrobe is now the name of the game. Starting with this little lot. All BNWT (as they say on ebay) and unworn!

Old habits are hard to break. New and unworn!

I’m sure there are some painful moments ahead so if you’re not a shopper or you’re a model of self restraint at all times feel free to share your words of wisdom with me. Boy will I need them.

Whatever happens, good, bad and downright uncomfortable – I’ll keep you posted here on Style Stuff.



PS. My sister gave me this fabulous water bottle for Christmas so I’m pleased to say my daily bottle of Evian is no more. Single use plastics begone!

2019 habit – Ditch the plastic





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