You’re never too old to become younger …

According to Mae West – you’re never to old to become younger. And I’m tempted to agree.

I’m easily sold to. So I’m always trying out products that are going to change my life. Generally they don’t but that doesn’t mean I give up. I enjoy it far too much. Once in a while I uncover a real “find” that earns it’s place on my beauty hot list and I’m sharing them here.

First up the Riki Cutie Mirror. Baby sister to the Riki Skinny Mirror which appears on all the best lighted mirror lists if you’ve ever googled such a thing. You haven’t? You haven’t lived! The Cutie is iPhone size and described as portable. I don’t carry it around because once I’m in daylight I can see. It’s applying make up at 6am in a deliberately dimly lit dressing room that’s the issue. It arrived on a Monday and it was late in the evening when I finally looked at it. Big mistake. The 12 tiny LED lights highlighted every line and scrap of tiredness. I almost screamed at my reflection. I steeled myself the following morning and you know what – I’ve used it every day since. I’m convinced I’m applying make up with a lighter hand and when I look in my trusty old Stratton mirror later in the day it’s all a bit less scary.


My pal Geraldine recommended La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 serum on Style Stuff a couple of months ago. So  I bought some. And it’s brilliant. I have very dry skin and, on the advice of beauty writers, I’ve tried umpteen hyaluronic acid serums and even supplements. The cool, somewhat gloopy nature of this one works for me. Applied before moisturiser it gives my skin a much needed cushiony feel. And if you need any more persuading  it’s usually on 3 for 2 at Boots! 


The jury is split on the Aquis Hair Towel. The jury being made up of me and my sister of course. This super absorbent towel promises to cut hair drying time in half. It gets fabulous reviews online with mentions of its de-frizzing qualities too. I like it. It’s the perfect size for my longish, straightish hair and incredibly light when wrapped turban style around my head. My hair definitely dries more quickly when I use it. So much so I bought one for my sister. She likes the lightness too but is unconvinced about anything else. I suspect it’s not up to the challenge of her almost waist length, thick, curly hair.


On a similar note reviews of silk pillowcases drew me in by extolling their overnight benefits to both skin and hair. Things like helping skin to retain moisture levels, reducing the appearance of facial lines and causing less friction and frizz in the hair department. Who knew pillowcases had such superpowers. I invested in one with high hopes. Six months later nothing’s changed and my patience, with the careful washing it demands, has run out.



My Trinny London stack appears to be growing. The team on the counter at Fenwick in Newcastle are great and, as I’ve already said, I’m easily sold to! I tracked down the sell out Miracle Blur online. Miracle might be pushing it but applied around the lips and on my frown lines it lives up to the blurring promise. The colours in the range are fabulous as are the cream textures. Everything I’ve used blends beautifully and can be dialled up or down. A current favourite is LIP2CHEEK in Freddie – a warm terracotta that can be worn muted or bold. EYE2EYE has some amazing shades including Fortune,  a molten copper with just the right amount of shimmer. And I still love my original purchase from the Masterclass LIP LUXE in Swainy – a vibrant orange red.





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